"Edward The White Goose" Kindergarten Book to Read


First time children's book author Francie Aguilera has teamed with illustrator Katia Goa to give Pre K- 2nd Grade students a timely and much needed fable. Few books are found for this age group [kindergarten book list] that address topics of loss of family, adoption and self-identity without being heavy handed. The illustrations by Goa transport Edward throughout his journey to go on his own and find out about life. But it is the story told by Aguilera that will comfort those children who feel a sense of loss or a challenge to how they look. This brief story charts Edwards’ desire to break free from an adoptive family and search for identity with other geese with the same color feathers as his. Edward finds that looks can be deceiving and new friendships can be shallow. He becomes the “prodigal” goose who returns home where he knows he will be accepted. In today's world of family hardship and transition, Edward will soar in the minds of readers and listeners. Edward the White Goose will offer comfort and reflection on what matters in life and how appearances may not be all they seem to be. A definite “buy” for all collections [kindergarten books to read, kindergarten books online].

--Michael Powell, Library Director, Sonoma County Office of Education

Santa Rosa, CA  

KATIA GOA, Illustrator

Katia Goa is a Russian-born artist who after years of traveling settled in northern California. She received her Bachelor of Arts in printmaking and illustration from the Volgograd Art University in Russia in 2001. More of her work can be seen at www.katia-goa.com